Administrative Leave

Well my job is under review by some board of people somewhere that meets on Thursdays. The good thing is I’ve gotten paid for a week without teaching, AND if they want to fire me it has to be presented to the School Board meeting which only meets about once a month. Good thing public education is one of the few remaining unionized jobs. Substitution-Notice_A-115

What I’ve learned about the process of my school district, is that they have the right to end my employment based on a criminal charge alone. So I could be.. say for example… FRAMED, later determined complete innocence of all crimes ever, and fired legally.

All contact with my school’s administration has been silenced (including my colleagues with good rapport). The entire process is kinda alienating and strange. Since we’re also waiting to hear from that Mystery group, my teacher’s union is an association because Texas is a Right-to-work state and they have no collective bargaining power)


To be honest the more time I’ve spent out of the classroom, the more I think about how impossible my job is. I’ll need at least some medical leave, time for my new Depakote to start (anti-seizure medicine / mood stabilizer), and an agreement from my principal to just be there in the classroom with them for the rest of the year.

Probably a career change right now. I lasted 1.5 years teaching in the United Snakes. Nearly made it..





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