New year, New mental illness

2017 was one hell of a doozy for me. The extreme stress of being a public school teacher beat me down and gave me shingles, hemorrhoids, gingivitis, (concussion not from stress), and depression. After getting arrested on Jan. 12th I have apparently triggered Bipolar disorder.pexels-photo-278312.jpeg

I have been on Effexor (SNRI) for about 4 months now. It is allegedly more generalized and less accute with side effects than SSRIs. I guess it’s working, but I still had headaches everyday from teaching high school. I never felt incapacitated from despair like what kinda happened before the meds.

Basically ever since returning to the United States in July 2016, because of my job, running out of money because of bills and unlucky debts, and living alone was a holy trinity of whipping up…


But that was the old, in with the new. I got pulled over for going 102 MPH on the dark back highways of Texas. I threw my weed, pipe, grinder, and vape extract pen out the window. BTW I still heard Mr Sargeant’s holy glass break while I was still going ~80 MPH and all that beautiful resin is still out there somewhere, laid to rest, in peace.pexels-photo-315939.jpeg

So the result was jail for shrooms. All 30 years of my life of hating cops has prepared me for this moment! Handcuffs! Booking! Holding cell! I was involuntarily ready to start fighting all of the police officers in sight. I fucking hate cops.

I had enough psychedelic mushrooms for two grown adult men to giggle and watch cartoons for 4 hours. Apparently according to the state of Texas that merits 2-12 years in prison for a 2nd degree felony. heh, hehehehehehh. High school chemistry teacher gets popped for an insignificant amount of mushrooms and my life is forever changed. The police are a tool by the state simply to protect private property.


So I got out of jail and now what. Well after deciding, “You know what forget it. I’ll cancel all my plans for the weekend and just go back home,” I got pulled over on THE WAY HOME FROM JAIL for a speeding ticket. First moving violation at my life. This gave me the first panic attack.

Broke my windshield wiper indicator, and maybe a tendon in my hand. Drank a double whiskey to try and calm down enough to drive home and I just expect to get a DWI on the way to complete the trifecta. But the rest of the way home was uneventful, so instead I only had a $4,000 bail-hole in my heart.


2 thoughts on “New year, New mental illness

  1. What a dreadful, twat of world we live in. Going to jail and having a career destroyed for possessing a fungus that grows next to cow shit. I despise the stifling control and oppression heaped upon us in every aspect of our lives. With regard to the affect teaching is having on your health, I totally understand. I had that awful debilitating, shit teaching in the UK and I’d rather gouge my own eyes out than work there again. I’m happy to stay cocooned in my stress free middle school job in Korea for as long as I can. Hoping things get better for you Andrew.

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    1. Thanks Steve. I know you’ve been through some shit yourself so it means a lot to me. I knew that giving up my life in korea was going to be a sacrifice, but I thought I was serving my duty to American students. I’ll still work in the same community/neighborhood, but definitely not on a bell schedule anymore *shivers*


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