Mania Fades. Fadia.

[Song Of The Blogpost]

… which means it’s not as exciting and fun just by itself. Feel pretty sluggish today but to be “creative” or “human” you have to force yourself to do shit. I can see why Frodo didn’t want to give up the ring.

Trade it for some Burt’s Bees

My goal today is to try and stay awake all through the day until normal night noche. I’ve been pretty fucked in the sleep ever since Thursday night when I was awake in my car all night long.

Today is the 3rd morning of the new house and I FUCKING LOVE IT. Big New High Ceilings Garage BackYard Privacy Fence New

So I gotta get my humors flowing to try and get it going today.

Cash your checks and wake up. It’s not the first of tha month yet, I got an early start. Omg I just realized Bone Thugs are still on tour.



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