MHMR means Mental Health Mental Retardation yw

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I just left MHMR where I met a case worker.

They understood everything I explained to her, after that the week following my arrest during peak mania, after 5 days of waiting rooms, phone calls, telling my entire manic story to 10 ppl who*sympathize for me*, the American medical system gave me a grand total of 10x small dose

Back in high school, I witnessed my buddy did Xanax too much. I guess was a bad friend because I didn’t slow him down or stop him from doing it. But I learned about doses..

And I told case worker again that I wasn’t ever panicking during my struggle this past month (besides the semantic “panic attack”). In my head I just tell myself something like “okay, 3 more weeks of self medication” until I can get the professional help.

One bowl at a time, waiting to get better.

Featured photo LYNE LUCIEN


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