Fundamentals #2 – Adaptation-level Phenomenon

Bro mainpassion was the profit
Got to moving trees, like the breeze, only two-piece default
Judge slammed the gavel and he gone
Good man need a lil’ more tryna feed his people


Alright class, it’s time for Mr Teacher to do my Friday night homework in order to stay sober and not go out.

  • Adaptation-level Phenomenon
What the fuck does this have to do with ANYTHING, ??

Let me start with my own personal example. When I typically eat my 6 donuts for dinner, I look over at Jimmy who’s only got 5 donuts and I feel like a king. But when I see Shirley on her self-absorbed high-horse with 7 donuts, I start throwing e-clairs.

Let’s see what Mr. David Myers from my heavy ass textbook thinks.

I should have cropped it.


Capitalism👿 wants us to want. Actually it requires us to want and consume. If we stop wanting, there’s a word for that with the economy.

noun: recession; plural noun: recessions
  1. a period of temporary economic decline during which trade and industrial activity are reduced, generally identified by a fall in GDP in two successive quarters.

If Capitalism👿 simply stops growing as much, the entire economy takes a shit and investors start divorcing their wives.

In other words, they aren’t making profit as fast as they used to. That’s simply a recession and not more.

Still waiting for someone to go to jail for that ^ bullshit.


So when investment bankers and loan inspectors made 1.2 million homes get evicted because individuals didn’t have enough money,that was still only a recession.


A.K.A. the economy made profit MORE SLOWLY.

So it is built into our very system to create and stir emotions inside of our bodies, so that we are never satisfied. If Humans😇 stop wanting as much stuff, then 1.2 million houses might go empty and those people are evicted.

This eviction is enforced by the police.

In other words, if enough people decide that they’re simply satisfied and the economy slows down, the police will come into your home and kick you the fuck out.

This is why I suffer from Bipolar D.

Adaptation-level phenomenon is the second core fundamental that shapes my brain pathways.

Being sober feels like it’s kinda anti-capitalist in itself.

I have to re-train my brain to be satisfied and quit wanting.

There is nothing that makes my dick go soft faster than swiping on a Tinder *marketing major*.

Unless they’re *cops*.

*Military people* sometimes change their mind later in their service or afterwards, so even they almost get a boner from me sometimes.

But fuck the fuck out of *advertisers* too.

Give me my brain back.

Be satisfied and be happy.

I don’t crave weed anymore.


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