Just Jams

I’m doing much much better now compared to 2 months or even 2 weeks ago, physically, mentally, and emotionally. Sometimes the only thing I had was music to keep me going. Here’s some of my recent favorites that strike me in my soul. I hope you like them too.


Isaiah Rashad, w/ SZA – Heavenly Father

Look now, I’m praying that I make it twenty-five
They be calling doctors for my health
And “no” is kinda hard to say to drugs
I been having problems with myself

And I been asking questions, where the love?
And they don’t give me answers, just a check



Noname – Shadowman, w/ Smino, Saba, Phoelix


I hope that darkness keeps you well
When I can’t fall asleep at night
I blindly taught myself to fight
Aw shadow man shadow box, please keep your hands up
And if you get knocked down don’t forget to stand up


Funeral home lookin like a home that I used to live in
You wasn’t supposed to go so soon I took it for granted
Maybe we’ll meet the next life, maybe another planet
Open my soul but then it’ll end with an open casket


Uh ay
Tippy toe on a tightrope
Leaning on green and it gon be a dice roll
I’m feenin a feline who mindset Afeni
I got two packs for us



Jamila Woods – Holy


Though I walk through the darkest valley I will fear no love
Oh my smile my mind reassure me I don’t need no one

Woke up this morning with my mind set on loving me


Ye, the bad days may come
The lover may leave
The winter may not
Hey, the map of your palms
The temple you be
You’re all that you got


Anderson .Paak – The Dreamer, w/ Talib Kweli


This one’s for all the little dreamers
And the ones who never gave a fuck

I’m a product of the tube and the free lunch
Living room, watching old reruns

And who cares your daddy couldn’t be here?
Mama always kept the cable on
No rabbit in a hat. It ain’t no magic, ain’t no Copperfield
More like a panther, Huey Newton, Bobby Seale
Word to the free lunch. Who knew what we would become?


Talib wins


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