Revolutionaries on Mars

This one is about space socialism.

They could do anything.

That, however, was part of what made it difficult to bring the congress to a close. Inifinite possibility was going to collapse, in the act of choosing, to the single world line of history. The future becoming the past..

I’ve been reading Blue Mars for 3 years now. Very very good book. I’m about x    1/6th of the way done.
I’m a slow reader.


Kim Stanley Robinson. What a monster. This trilogy is not “The Martian” we’re talking about. Red Mars is hard-sci fi where he’s describing nothing but dirt for 6 pages, but I’ve made it to the third book, so I’m trying to power through.

Turns out he’s a genius that described a socialist revolution pretty damn well. I’m not sure how he gained that much wisdom while being a super-geek at the same time.

wtf he’s kinda hot


In Blue Mars and through the massive conferences and years of debate, they settled on the global government strategy of a Confederation. But more like Anarcho-communism, and less like bad people.

Seeing the beauty in Mars is really similar to Edward Abbey‘s Desert Solitaire.

I love 💖 NASA 💖

In order to have a strong global government still without a strong Executive body, the Martians in the book decided to have a Confederation.

Seven people will be elected to an Executive Council, approved from a duma and a senate. The senate also appoints the Justice of the Courts.

They have basically two Supreme Courts. One for Environmental Court and one for Constitutional Court.

Then any Human Rights are collected in a kinda process document that is used to help the courts make decisions.

I did my homework to digest all that Blue Martian government through that huge long book, and while I could dig in more detail with examples, I’m done writing this post.



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