Codependent and Scaredofcommitment

My man is my man is your man
Her, this her man too
My man is my man is your man
Her, that’s her man

Men should stick things up their butts more often. That is directly the most powerful and immediate way you can resist the patriarchy and you owe it to all 7 billion people on earth to do so.

I’m not sponsored by any sex toys company. Yet….

If hetero-normative cis men would fuck themselves then I believe it would synchronize their sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems to result in balancing your mind to your body and reducing internalized oppressive tendencies.


Sorry, that’s zazen.

But seriously.

Anyways.. for me becoming bi-sexual resulted in activating those mirror neurons in my mind to immediately become more sympathetic to women’s issues. Dating gay guys and becoming victim to sexual (assault? predation?) also did the same. I’m lucky to be well-able and not under any threat to my physical health, but the 48 hours of stalking post-incident doesn’t do anything to help that.

Combined with my mania, I have trust issues. Combined with emotionally abusive former hetero relationships, I have lost faith in monogamy on the whole.

Wonderful book

I’m polyamorous and bi-sexual. There you have it and you can stop worrying. I’m also now taking applications for potential life partners, so feel free to send me your resume and cover letter through the contact page.

I’ve heard it said more than once that people who work in any care-giving field (like teaching) is co-dependent. I don’t work there anymore so now I’m just dependent.

I still don’t know what the “co” means. Redundant redundancy.

I live with my emotions on my sleeve. If I “turn off” gushing my emotions publicly and inappropriately, I’m simply suffering inside and wish I could share everything with every stranger I meet.

I’ve bottled up my emotions for about 10 years, so I really need to let it out to deal with my bipolar disorder.

For this reason, I can’t just hookup with some random people that I don’t agree with. I am attracted to ppl that have attractive personalities and life activities. Dicks and tits alone aren’t enough. If I find out that extremely hot person works at somewhere like Goldman Sachs, then my dick just goes soft.

One of the turning points in my hetero-normative life was when I joined a feminism book club.

Enter a caption

bell hooks taught me that “Love” should be used as a verb, not a noun. The action is performative and you have to always renew it. This avoids the opportunity for abuse.

So fuck Christian family units.


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