Nobody wants to be alone
On this corner sitting on your throne
Momma sayin’ get it right
Gotta live today, cause you’re here to die

Recovery includes 3 big topics.

Boundaries – for yourself and for other people
Forgiveness – for yourself and for other people
Acceptance – for yourself and for other people

Clear your mind. Fill the well that is your brain.

The well dirties and fills with junk through every day. Empty the well,

in a nice and organized way before filling it up again. Or empty the junk before getting to the good stuff.

Take out the best of what’s inside you and be happy with whatever result that might be.

Don’t compare your work to others. Enjoy it for what it is.
Cherish it because the work is yours, it came from you.

It’s yours so that means it’s the best that your soul spirit can do up to this point.

My 30 years surviving on this earth is worth something I believe is worth sharing.
Or you may do your work for yourself and nobody else.

We are accumulations of the history of all our past.
Yet none of that exists either, because we are only right now in the present.
The past doesn’t really exist.
The future doesn’t really exist.

Like a photographer’s job is simply to see
and then frame the lens around what they want to capture,

our life,

which can be anything possibly possible of all the infinite possibilities,

is a framing of what we choose to see.

Frame wisely.

As much as I try otherwise, I accept that inevitably a frame exists
and I cannot affect things outside of my small circle of seeing.

I have inherited the universe,
So I do the best right here with what I have.

Here’s a quote from the book Hardcore Zen.

The sky is me, and the stars too,
and the chirping crickets and the songs they make;
sparkling rivers, snow and rain,
distant solar systems and whatever beings may live there:
it’s all me.
And it’s you, too.

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